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    We enable people to work from home, selling TELIPHONES® to small businesses within their local area. Telecoms training is provided for free, so experience isn't necessary. Distributors have control over End User contracts and payment collection, keeping hold of their income with unlimited earning potential, selling through a fully-managed website of their own. We ensure our Distributors run lean businesses with residual revenue and low operating costs, focusing on The VoIP Experience™ being positive for everyone, while we process orders, issue invoices, and provide billing and technical support. And if you choose to run your own telecoms company one day, we will help with your career development.

    We are committed to providing a better choice for Small Businesses with a very concise portfolio of telecoms services. TELIPHONES® is unrivalled Maintenance of "rock solid" FreePBX Hosting on resilient Dual-VPS. We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with end-to-end responsibility over the commerical and technical components of The VoIP Experience™.


    Want to sell it?


    Our European Cruise Incentive sets sail in 2020 for TELIPHONES® Distributors.

    Are you on board? Call us on 0333 45678 20.

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    The VoIP Experience


    Meet at:

    TELIPHONES is a registered Trademark in the United Kingdom.  20tele and 20tele.com are trading names of 20 Telecom Ltd.  We sell to the UK and the USA.


    Director, End Users.

    FreePBX Certified Essentials.

    Alongside TELIPHONES® and Answering Support, we re-sell Openreach Lines and Broadband Access. There are no restrictions when moving services from other telecoms providers, including UK and USA number porting. We are regulated by Ofcom, ICO registered for Data Protection, and the Ombudsman Services for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    Being focused solely on helping Small Businesses means we understand a group of End Users who share a common set of buying principles. Since launching in 2014, we have become known for doing things better than our competitors by keeping it simple and pricing fairly, while ensuring our UK-based Support is available to you 24/7 for 360 days of the year.

    Our European Cruise Incentive is available to authorised Distributors, excluding TIP Tier X, who exceed an Annual Subscription spend of £3000+VAT within 12 calendar months. Please call 0333 45678 20 for further information. T&Cs apply.



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    Join the Franchise!

    Twenty new Franchisees across the UK could be sharing the same profitable business model and systems. Once available for purchase, your Franchise is operational with dozens of existing Distributors and hundreds of End Users. Let's not confuse a Franchisee with so-called 'Resellers' though as this isn't a white-label opportunity and unique to the UK. Our Franchisees are 20tele.com, operating within their territory, a fixed geographic location and surrounding areas.



    Registered at:  3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE. For enquiries please call 02033550247.

    ISDN will be discontinued by 2025 to be replaced by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), so we're delighted to have secured TELIPHONES® as a registered trademark. We are putting the IP into telephones, literally. Over half of UK business calls now originate from VoIP rather than from traditional fixed lines such as ISDN. 18.9bn minutes originated from fixed lines and 17.9bn minutes from VoIP in 2015. It's now on-track to carry 22bn minutes in 2017, which demonstrates significant growth to 60% of the market for business calls. It's a huge opportunity with a mandatory technology shift in almost every business.

    As a Franchisee you are buying the rights to use 20tele.com's business model and systems, with proven pricing, telecoms services, and marketing techniques. You are also buying into the rights to use our brand: You get full access to new and existing Trademarks, including TELIPHONES®. To become a Franchisee you will need to pay a monthly Franchise fee and a small percentage of current billing monthly revenue, each will be relative to our current performance.  

    For information on the future availabilty of a preferred geographic location, please join our waiting list. We are committed to minimum targets being met for both Distributors and End Users, which must achieve minumum billing revenues. Not all geographic locations are immediately available: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff (unavailable), Dover, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Inverness, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, London (unavailable), Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton, York (unavailable).

    Parcels to:

    The Gate, Keppoch Street, Cardiff, CF24 3JW, Wales. For enquiries please call 02920002470.

    Blake House, Blake Street, York, YO1 8QH, England.

    0333 45678 20

    For enquiries please call 01904530247.

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    Dual-VPS for




    Managed Service Providers must go direct to the End Users if Value Added Resellers get in the way of sales and support. The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

    & the

    'Hosted PBX'


    Multi-Tenant PBX software is no longer fit for purpose; dedicated instances on virtual private servers is the only way forward. The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

    By taking ownership of the TELIPHONES® network, our new and existing customers will benefit from increased scalability, security and stability, plus dozens of new telephony features. The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

    FreePBX for the

    The FreePBX project has become a blueprint for open source and there is little chance proprietary PBX software, including commercial copycats like 3CX, can compete with 'free' for long. The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.


    are off!

    UK Mobile at

    1p. Why not?

    In April 2011, Ofcom placed a cap on the rates charged by mobile networks for connecting calls but this hasn't passed through. The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

    PSTN will be

    BT have confirmed plans to shift all its customers over to VoIP by 2025, when they shut the public switched telephone network. The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

    future, not 3CX.

    switched off


      A Founding Director and Co-Owner of 20tele.com, Sam is responsible for everything relating to our End Users.    

      With a telecoms career now totalling more than 7 years, Sam's previous roles include Account Manager at Choice Telecoms and Sales Director at a sports marketing agency, where she assisted thousands of grass roots football teams throughout the UK attain sponsorship with small businesses.

      A Founding Director and Co-Owner of 20tele.com, Kieran is responsible for everything relating to our Partners.


      With a telecoms career now totalling more than 12 years, Kieran's previous roles include MD of Choice Telecoms, a Business Development Manager at Gamma Telecom, and a Client Account Manager for BT Wholesale. He has strong technical knowledge and experience of FreePBX on Linux.

      Best known for...  Being "the voice" of your welcome messages.

      Best known for...  Somehow selling to you during a support call.

      Conversations...  Boris, Brexit, or O'Brien from LBC. It's on all day!

      Conversations...  Soccer Saturday and anything to do with  F 1!


      Sam Knowles

      Director, Partners.

      FreePBX Certified Essentials.

      Kieran Byrne


      The  VoIP  Experience




      End Users can talk to Sam about... 

      New orders or billing and technical support.  Direct  Dial:  01443 555 120.

      Partners can talk to Kieran about... 

      Distributors, Suppliers, or Franchise enquiries.  Direct Dial:  01443 555 110.

      Social Media #...  #TELIPHONES, #HostedPBX, #FreePBX,  & #VPS.

      Social Media #...  #Telecoms, #Ofcom, #Pay1ppm, & #FunFact.

      We have ambitious plans for growth, but not in the traditional sense, and in our 4th year of trading we surpassed all our commerical and technical targets and on our way to launching twenty profitable Franchisees in the UK, so thousands of End Users can soon receive the high quality of service that hundreds of customers have come to expect from 20tele.com.

      UW Distributors

      We are in the process of drafting this article and it isn't ready. While you wait, why not call us and let us know what you think? If you're a UW Distributor, we would love to hear your thoughts! The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

      need VoIP ASAP!

      VO "Voda" XI

      giff "O2" gaff

      We are in the process of drafting this article and it isn't ready. While you wait, why not call us and let us know what you think? The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.

      Save money!

      BT for Brexit

      We are in the process of drafting this article and it isn't ready. While you wait, why not call us and let us know what you think? The rest of this article will be available to read here soon.



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      for full flexibility

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      30 Days' Notice

      for full flexibility

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      30 Days' Notice

      for full flexibility

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      You can buy a telephone system yourself; unbox it, install it, configure and connect it to the outside world, back it up, do the software and security updates, fix it when it breaks... But On-Site PBXs are out and Hosted PBXs are in. The truth is you can still do it yourself if you wanted to. We won't pretend this is easy but it's possible, cheaply done and sometimes even free. We decided years ago that charging Subscriptions for Open-Source PBX Software just isn't on. Instead we provide Maintenance to you in a refreshingly modern way.  Hello.  This is TELIPHONES® 2.0.


      You don’t need to buy directly from BT. As well as providing you with a basic calling solution, our Analogue Lines can be used for transmitting broadband and other data services e.g. processing card payments and monitoring alarm lines. Openreach are often instructed by telecoms providers like 20tele.com to enable low-cost delivery of their own telecoms services over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). The PSTN has almost become an entirely digital network, except for the copper-based connections between a serving cabinet and your premises, which is commonly known as an Analogue Line.

      End-users cannot contact Openreach directly and we have proven ourselves time-and-time again to be an extremely effective intermediary. You need a telecoms provider to manage Openreach with as much regular follow-up as required to ensure your voice is getting heard. It's clear that most telecoms providers struggle in this area, particularly BT Retail who are corporate colleagues with Openreach and within the BT Group. We think it's unlikely they will always be acting in your best interest with technical problems that inevitably arise on such a complex telecoms network, resulting in frustrating buck-passing for any unresolved faults or delayed installations.

      Openreach are a wholesaler and not customer-facing, quite ironic as their heavily-branded engineers are everywhere to be seen! They install and maintain WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) throughout the UK on behalf of 20tele.com and many other telecoms providers. We have been authorised with API access to their internal systems. WLR gives us full control over an Analogue Line, from appointing installations to fault-resolution, with autonomy over the voice and data services we choose to provide our customers. Openreach will be our preferred supplier for the foreseeable future as it is the only truly ubiquitous wholesaler for installing and maintaining millions of Analogue Lines.

      Superfast Fibre is a game-changer in the end-user's day-to-day experience of broadband. It uses fibre optic cables to deliver flawless performance right up to the street cabinet, so you might as well be living just a few feet from the BT telephone exchange. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service, providing small businesses with award winning broadband access at speeds of up to 80Mbps; underpinned by unrivalled reassurance that your ADSL2+ and/or Superfast Fibre connections have been supplied through 20tele.com by the winner of both "Best SME Broadband" and "Wholesale Service Provider of The Year" at the ISPA Awards and Comms Business Awards in 2015 respectively, as well as committing to a quality management framework that meets the British Standard ISO 9001:2015. Furthermore, we're providing it at the right price point, ensuring you can do more online than ever before without it costing a fortune.

      The advancements in readily-available internet speeds and capacity means that most small businesses can use broadband for VoIP, to access cloudbased systems, share files, and function more efficiently than ever before. Coverage across the UK continues to improve on a daily basis. The key to a good experience of a business customer is making sure that the underlying service provider of the connection has prioritisation timeframes pro-actively managing your experience on the network, i.e. Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm. Buying a consumer product with a business label on it (usually the case with easily recognised connectivity brands) isn't going to result in good customer experience overall. Answering support calls faster and responding to raised support tickets ‘promptly’ is no longer good enough. Instead businesses need to select the right network managed by the right provider, which will be one with capacity and true business prioritisation.

      Over 25% of existing customers now use Message Taken, our in-house Call Answering service. Message Taken receives calls routing via TELIPHONES® FEATURING to our experienced in-house receptionists, who will answer promptly in a "natural and effortless" style on your behalf, and submit an instant notification to you by text and email. TELIPHONES routes calls based on time, day and date variables, providing your details to us by visual and audio prompt with call recording for quality assurance. You can activate or de-activate the service via the FreePBX UCP in real-time. There is no monthly charge for Message Taken, although you will need TELIPHONES® FEATURING, which is £50 Annual Maintenance on a 30 day contract term. If it’s unnecessary to take the message then we won’t submit a notification to you. We apply a “common-sense” approach to notifications in an effort to reduce your costs. We will continue to improve upon this by learning from your feedback, for example, learning from requests to reduce notifications for any calls we think are unsolicited sales enquiries. Notifications are charged at £1 per submission - FIRST 20x FREE for £5/month - Simply let us know an "Expected Usage" for anthing over 20x. Text & Email Alerts in addition to the Expected Usage will be charged in arrears at £3 per submission.

      No-one else can provide FreePBX Maintenance with our promises of performance and pricing.

      Prove us wrong and we'll send you Amazon

      vouchers worth £100 and remove the claim.

      We'll buy it to try it too, just to be certain.

      Sit back, relax, it's Fully-Managed FreePBX.


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      New Jersey

      TELIPHONES® provides end-to-end Maintenance of Hosted PBX Solutions for Small Businesses. We combine the most popular Open-Source Framework for building Communications Applications, Asterisk, with Fully-Managed FreePBX Hosting on Dual-VPS, SIP Trunking, and Numbers throughout the UK and the USA.

      ✓   FREE Voiceover with Unlimited Revisions.

      ✓   FREE Unlimited .WAV Sound File Storage.

      ✓   FREE SysAdmin Pro with 25 Year Licence.

      ✓   FREE FreePBX SNG7 Distro Install & Setup.

      ✓   FREE Sangoma s305 IP Handsets. WOW!


      Your Calls




      FreePBX Administration

      SIP Performance Monitor

      Robust Fraud Prevention

      Daily Updates & Backups

      SIP Trunking & Numbers


      What is Maintenance?


      We manage the Firewall to ensure unknown connection attempts to your VPS will be blocked. We also provide you with a number of SIP Trunks to allow calls to pass through and an array of numbers to choose from to give your company presence with an attractive, memorable number(s). Finally, we are constantly managing daily updates to ensure your server is up to date whilst also backing up your setup daily in case of disaster or data loss.

      We will build and fully manage your setup for you through the FreePBX Administration GUI ensuring your service is working exactly how you want it, whether it's including Queues to use features that manage your customers expectations such as comfort messages and hold times or building in a simple divert to your mobile on a Friday because you are out of the office and want to answer calls out on the road.


      5 Star Reviews

      Thanks again for the years of great service and a rock solid system. I'd have no hesitation recommending you to others. .   


      We have three regional locations to facilitate on-going and on-site training for our Franchisees at relaxed serviced-office environments in London (South East), Cardiff (West), and York (North). Held quarterly and for free, our Franchisees will get regular opportunities to keep up-skilled in our ever-changing industry, while mixing with Franchisees from within their geographic region. Our 3 day courses will include overnight accomodation and take place from Friday to Sunday.


      Why choose FreePBX?

      FreePBX is a web-based open source GUI (Graphical User Interface) that controls and manages Asterisk, an open source PBX. FreePBX is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), an Open Source license that can be modified and developed for free. FreePBX is usually installed as part of the pre-configured FreePBX Distro, which includes the system Operating System, Asterisk, the FreePBX GUI, and assorted dependencies.

      FreePBX is downloadable as a free software package that can be installed on your own servers or VPS. The FreePBX Distro is an all in one platform that installs everything you need to build a telephone system. Once You have a basic PBX in place you can then add your SIP Trunks, point your Numbers and register VoIP Devices. Commercial modules add advanced features to an already feature rich base install of FreePBX.

      With over 1 million production systems worldwide and 20,000 new systems installed monthly, the FreePBX community continues to out-perform the industry's commercial copycats, such as 3CX. The FreePBX EcoSystem has developed over the past decade to be the most widely deployed open source PBX platform in use across the World! The openness of the project allows users, resellers, enthusiasts and Partners to utilise the FreePBX EcoSystem to build powerful and robust communications solutions.

      gallery/dreamstime_m_92340773 (1)

      Maintenance gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that their services are setup and then looked after 24/7. Dual-VPS ensures 100% up-time. If there's a problem with your primary VPS you can be sure all your calls, numbers, and end points will re-point to your backup VPS within seconds. We have monitors in place for each server constantly checking for sip performance to alert us to any problems that may occur, resolving issues quickly and efficiently behind the scenes. 

      • Time based call routing
      • Built in Conference Bridge
      • Fax to Email
      • Hunt/Ring Groups
      • Music On Hold
      • Voice Mail Blasting

      • Follow Me/ Find Me Calling

      • Personal IVRs

      • Wake Up calls
      • Support for Video Calling
      • Secure Communications (SRTP/TLS)
      • Directory
      • Announcements, Text To Speech
      • Calling Queues (ACD/IVR)  



      • Three Way Calling
      • Voicemail (-to Email)
      • Caller ID
      • Call Transfer
      • Call Recording
      • Do Not Disturb

      • Call Forwarding
      • Call Waiting
      • Call Detail Records

      • Call Event Logging
      • Speed Dials
      • Caller Blacklisting
      • Paging/Intercom
      • Call Screening

      Business Features

      Calling Features