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UK Fixed            £0.01 per minute

UK Mobile         £0.01 per minute

UK 03XX            £0.01 per minute

UK 0845            £0.04 per minute

UK 0870            £0.04 per minute

UK 0843            £0.05 per minute

UK 0844            £0.05 per minute

UK 0871            £0.06 per minute

UK 0872            £0.06 per minute

USA Fixed         £0.01 per minute

USA Mobile      £0.01 per minute

Freephone       £0.00 per minute



Sangoma S-Series IP Phones provide

the tightest integration with FreePBX

and promise unrivalled compatibility.

The Cloud

"Dual-VPS" Failover

SIP Performance Monitor

Robust Fraud Prevention

Daily Backups & Restores

Weekly PBX Health Check

Professional Voice Overs

In-House Linux Expertise

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  FREE  FreePBX 14 SNG7 Distro Installation

  FREE  FreePBX CM SysAdmin Pro Licenses

  FREE  200GB Storage for .wav Sound Files

  FREE  SIP Trunks with UK & USA Numbers

  FREE  VPS (1-128GB RAM) in the UK & USA

  FREE  Unlimited Internal & Incoming Calls

On-Network     £0.00 per minute


The VoIP Experience™

Charities will get a 20% discount.

freely available, simply add TELIPHONES® as Maintenance.

TELIPHONES is the end-to-end Maintenance of The VoIP Experience™ (THEVOIPEXP), our "Subscription-Free" Hosted PBX, which uses the FreePBX Distro, free downloadable software for installing the underlying OS (Operating System), Asterisk, the FreePBX GUI, and assorted dependencies. It's for Small Businesses and Charities in the UK at Per-ENDPOINT pricing. ........

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Calls and Diverts to International, UK Other (e.g. 118118), and SMS are billed at wholesale cost and may be subject to occasional pricing fluctuations. ...

  FREE  Sangoma S-Series IP Phones - 

The VoIP Experience™ (THEVOIPEXP) is making Hosted PBX

  FREE  Netgear ProSAFE PoE Switch -

  FREE  Ethernet Patch Cables (Cat6) -


from the UK.


The UK's lowest "Pence-Per-Minute".

Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs) have been falling steadily and it's the best kept secret in the telecoms industry! The lowering trajectory is set to continue for the next few years. In 2011, regulator Ofcom announced a cap on the rates charged by the four national mobile network operators. The UK now has some of the lowest MTRs in Europe, falling from £0.04 (4p) to £0.004 (0.4p). Ofcom should be applying pressure on telecoms providers to pass the wholesale savings through in full to end users, instead most have unfairly increased margins by holding Pence-Per-Minute sell prices. Ofcom expected these savings to be passed on but it isn't happening.

24/7•UK Billing & Technical Support. 

Most calls are answered within 10 seconds and you shouldn't ever have to wait on hold. We’re big enough to deliver and small enough to care. The likes of BT do struggle to provide the level of support small businesses and charities require. Bigger suppliers cannot justify spending quality time with you, while so many others are waiting on hold, and that shows. We appreciate the custom and will always strive to keep you at "happy". We take a consultative approach to telecoms and understand that no two customers are the same. We listen and get to know your telecoms setup, and how your business or charity works, to resolve support issues promptly.

  FREE  FreePBX Commercial Module Setup

24/7 PBX Administration

999 Compliance Updates

We don't receive any sort of compensation for the FreePBX Distro, as per the ToS (Terms of Service), and we are open and transparent about this. We don't modify the code and we don't re-brand the GUI. We are authorised to purchase products designed to work with the FreePBX Distro as a Silver Reseller/Partner of Sangoma through their Partner Portal and from ProVu Communications, including Sangoma S-Series IP Phones, FreePBX Appliances, and FreePBX Commercial Modules. We charge for our time and talk time, in addition to selling equipment and connectivity as a reseller with mark-ups to the RRP, and give other stuff away for free to compliment and complete our Hosted PBX solution. ........

FreePBX is a web-based open-source GUI (Graphical User Interface) that controls and manages Asterisk, an open-source PBX. FreePBX is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), an open-source license that can be modified and developed for free. FreePBX is usually installed as part of the pre-configured FreePBX Distro, which includes the underlying OS, Asterisk, the FreePBX GUI, and assorted dependencies. With over one million systems in production worldwide and 20,000 new systems installed monthly, the FreePBX community continues to out-perform the industry's commercial copycats, such as 3CX. The vast FreePBX EcoSystem has developed over the past decade to be the most widely deployed open-source PBX platform in use across the world. The openness of the project allows users, resellers, enthusiasts, and partners to utilise the FreePBX EcoSystem to build communications solutions. ........

Available Autumn 2020

Available Autumn 2020