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Kieran Byrne, MD [Product] at 20tele

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Who Are We?

We are committed to providing a better choice for small businesses and charities with a concise portfolio of telecoms services. TELIPHONES® is end-to-end maintenance of THEVOIPEXP®, a "Subscription-Free" Hosted PBX, which uses the FreePBX® Distro. We have commercial and technical control, autonomy, and responsibility for our network.

Being focused solely on helping small businesses and charities means we understand a group of end users who share a common set of buying principles. Since launching in 2014, we have become known for doing things better than our competitors by keeping it simple and pricing fairly, while ensuring support is available 24 hours a day for 360 days of the year.

We have ambitious plans for growth, but not in the traditional sense. Now in our 5th year of trading, we have surpassed all our commercial and technical targets and on our way to launching twenty profitable franchisees in the UK, so thousands of end users can soon receive the same quality of service that hundreds of customers expect from

With a telecoms career now totalling more than 12 years, Kieran's previous roles include Managing Director of Choice Telecoms, Business Development Manager at Gamma, and Client Account Manager at BT Wholesale. He has strong knowledge and experience of FreePBX.

Kieran Byrne

Sam Knowles


FreePBX Certified Essentials


FreePBX Certified Essentials

A Founding Director and Co-Owner, Kieran has responsibility for THEVOIPEXP in the UK and USA.

A Founding Director and Co-Owner, Sam has responsibility for TELIPHONES® in the UK and USA.

With a telecoms career now totalling more than 7 years, Sam's previous roles include Account Manager at Choice Telecoms and Sales Director at Sponsor Football, assisting thousands of grass roots football teams throughout the UK local attract sponsorship from small businesses.

We get our billing right too. To avoid common errors caused through automation, every customer invoice is diligently checked for accuracy before being sent out. To keep this process efficient and scalable, we do our best to simplify invoice line items into an easy-to-read and sensible format and try not to complicate anything, while eliminating "bill shock".

Alongside TELIPHONES and Answering Support, we re-sell Openreach Lines and Broadband Access. There are no restrictions when moving services from other telecoms providers, including UK and USA number porting. We are regulated in the UK by Ofcom, registered with the ICO for Data Protection and GDPR, as well as the Ombudsman Services: Communications.

Once described by an ex-boss and mentor as a "loose cannon" in front of a client, I have taken this as incredibly positive criticism from someone I still look up to today. It wasn't, by definition, the potential to be destructive to myself or others around me on a whim and instead a potential to impact upon the telecoms industry itself. For years, such a label has spurred me on to change the way things are done for the better and only to the benefit of end users; driving the price of Hosted PBX down to zero.   

The phone system market is changing and only Managed Service Providers will survive longer-term, those adaptable enough to embrace open-source; training and recruiting engineers instead of sales people. The transition from capex to opex re-selling is a short-lived ideal as the competitive telecoms industry squeezes Hosted PBX subscriptions and call rates down to zero. Long before the ISDN switch off, telecoms providers must start legitimately charging for engineering time on their own IP networks.

Our Distributors

We enable start-ups and established businesses to work with freedom, promoting THEVOIPEXP and TELIPHONES to small businesses and charities within their local area. Distributors have full control over their End User contracts and payment collection, keeping hold of their income with unlimited earning potential. We ensure our Distributors can run lean businesses with residual revenue and low operating costs, primarily focused on THEVOIPEXP being positive for everyone, while we process orders, draft invoices, and provide billing and technical support to End Users.

ISDN can no longer be ordered and the service will be discontinued by 2025. It is being replaced by VoIP. There were 33.1 million fixed landlines in the UK in 2017 (including ISDN) and approximately 6.4 million of those belonged to businesses. As of this year, at least one billion people around the World now rely on VoIP for their telecoms services.

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Our Franchisees

Twenty new Franchisees throughout the UK could be sharing the same profitable business model and systems. Once a Franchise is available for purchase, it will be fully operational with dozens of existing Distributors and hundreds of End Users. Let's not confuse a Franchisee with a Reseller though this isn't white-label. Our Franchisees operate within just one of twenty territories, a fixed geographic location and their local surrounding area.

For details on the availabilty of your preferred location, please join our waiting list. We are committed to minimum revenue targets being met for both our Distributors and End Users. Not all geographic locations are immediately available and 'pre-launch' are subject to change: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff (Unavailable), Dover, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Inverness, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Unavailable), Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton, York (Unavailable).

As a Franchisee you are buying the rights to use our business model and systems, proven pricing, telecoms services, and marketing techniques. You are also buying into the rights to use our brand: You will have the rights to use both new and existing Trademarks, including TELIPHONES®. To become a Franchisee you will be charged a fixed monthly Franchise fee and a small percentage of the current billing monthly revenue, which will be relative to our overall performance as a company. 

We have three regional locations to facilitate on-going and on-site training for our Franchisees at very relaxed serviced-office environments in Cardiff (West), York (North), and London (South East). Held quarterly (and for free!), our Franchisees will get regular opportunities to keep up-skilled in the ever-changing telecoms industry, while mixing with other Franchisees from your geographic region(s). Our courses include overnight accomodation.

Most calls are answered within 10 seconds and you shouldn't ever have to wait on hold. We’re big enough to deliver and small enough to care. The likes of BT do struggle to provide the level of support small businesses and charities require. Bigger suppliers cannot justify spending quality time with you, while so many others are waiting on hold, and that shows. We appreciate the custom and will always strive to keep you at "happy". We take a consultative approach to telecoms and understand that no two customers are the same. We listen and get to know your telecoms setup, and how your business or charity works, to resolve support issues promptly.

Thanks again for the years of great service and a rock solid system. I'd have no hesitation recommending  you to others.


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