Mandatory DDoS mitigation for Vultr VPS

  • Friday, 1st October, 2021
  • 09:00am

Several VoIP providers have been subject to severe DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks in the last few weeks and the threat persists.
We have therefore taken the unprecedented pre-emptive step to secure all Vultr VPS (Virtual Private Servers), known to you as "PBXSRV__" primary servers for dedicated FreePBX phone systems, with a native DDoS mitigation system at their London data centre since 24th September 2021. The wholesale cost pass-through of $10 per month will be chargeable from 1st November 2021 without further notice and indefinitely for continuation of services, charged to you monthly in GBP at the current exchange rate when billing. Regrettably, this is not optional due to the sophistication of the attacks and our regulatory obligations to ensure uptime. Since implementation, we have seen no negative impact on service. We also have assurance that our upstream providers are taking similar action and anticipate this to be at no further cost to you, for example Magrathea as our primary carrier for numbering and outbound calling routes released the following statement on 17th September 2021:
The recent organised DDoS attacks against VoIP companies in the UK have been a source of major concern for those of us in our industry. We are very grateful to those who have been impacted so far for sharing what information they can with the wider community. We will be continuing to monitor and enhance our own protections against such attacks and as a result you may notice some changes to the way internet traffic is routed in and out of our network. We do not expect this to have any impact [upon] our clients.
More updates will follow if and when appropriate. Further information about DDoS mitigation, provided to 20tele by Vultr, is detailed below:
Native DDoS mitigation system
Add an additional layer of protection to keep your hosting infrastructure online and operating optimally even when they are the target of attacks.
Secure your [phone system] from DDoS attacks
Stop attacks in minutes with our automatic DDoS mitigation service, available in 11 locations worldwide!
Real-time analytics & reporting
Our system monitors network traffic and routes malicious activity to our attack mitigation farm as soon as a DDoS event is detected, generally within 60 seconds.
No increased latency
Vultr's native DDoS mitigation system protects your cloud server inside the Vultr network. This means no increased latency and no routing of your traffic to a third party. Make your [phone system] secure, without losing [performance].
Powerful mitigation
DDoS Protection adds 10Gbps of mitigation capacity per instance and safeguards all attached IPv4 addresses. Custom protection levels above 10Gbps will be available in the future.

If you have any queries or requirements, please don't hesitate to open a support ticket or call us on 0333 45678 20.


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