Opening Hours

  • 11th December 2020
In case you aren't aware, we are here to help you 24 hours a day for 360 days of the year.  The office will be closed for five days from 00:00 on Wednesday 30/12/2020 to 23:59 on Sunday 03/01/2021. During this time, Billing and Technical Support will be unavailable for both Partners and End Users. This means there will be no configuration or ...
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Calls to 101 (Non-Emergency)

  • 31st March 2020
Given the current pressures on the emergency services, the Home Office have requested that calls to the 101 (Non-Emergency) number be made free to all callers from 01/04/2020. Therefore, these calls will be free from midnight. This initiative is to enable callers to contact Police for non-emergency calls and to alleviate demand upon critical 999 ...
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How We Can Help

  • 23rd March 2020
You recently received a Service Update with regards to Remote Working and we have been blown away by the responses we are receiving from customers. Many have asked what other customers are doing - Keeping calm and placing their trust in the technology is without doubt the current consensus among small businesses. Some have even asked what we are ...
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Remote Working

  • 10th March 2020
Given the nature of the technology we provide, should our customers need urgent diverts or require remote access to their cloud-based phone systems, we have always been ready and able to implement multiple disaster recovery plans at short notice. Unfortunately, some of our competitors are promoting the benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet ...
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