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    for small businesses.

    The Brighton Rainbow Fund acts as a central point for fundraising for Brighton and Hove LGBT and HIV communities.
    Text PRIDE20 and your BUSINESS NAME to 66777 to give £20; donations will be added to your next 20tele.com invoice.

    The Brighton Rainbow Fund is a registered Charity (1181116). Texts to 66777 at your Standard Network Charge (it may be free, depending on what mobile network you use). 20tele.com have been authorised to fundraise from 4th July 2019.



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    telephone system. 

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    TELIPHONES is a complete Hosted PBX solution for small businesses. It combines the world's most popular open-source framework for building powerful communications applications, Asterisk, with our fully-managed FreePBX software and the UK's leading VoIP carriers.

    We enable people to work from home, selling TELIPHONES to small businesses within their local area. Telecoms training is provided for free, so experience isn't necessary. Distributors have control over End User contracts and payment collection, keeping hold of their income with unlimited earning potential, selling through a fully-managed website of their own. We ensure our Distributors run lean businesses with residual revenue and low operating costs, focusing on The VoIP Experience™ being positive for everyone, while we process orders, issue invoices, and provide billing and technical support.

    Call 0333 45678 20. 

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    ✓   TELIPHONES NUMBERING with FREE allocation of 01, 02, 03 numbers.


    5 Star Reviews

    We are committed to providing a better choice for small businesses with a very concise portfolio of telecoms services. We have invested heavily to build a rock solid VoIP network, evolving from a white-label reseller to managed service provider, now taking ownership over the technical components that contribute to a positive experience for you and your customers.


    Want to sell it?


    Our European Cruise Incentive sets sail in 2020 for TELIPHONES Distributors.

    Are you on board? Call us on 0333 45678 20.

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    20tele and 20tele.com are trading names of 20 Telecom Ltd.

    TELIPHONES is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom.


    Kieran Byrne

    Sam Knowles

    Director, End Users

    Director, Partners

    Alongside TELIPHONES, we sell Openreach Lines, Broadband Access, and Answering Support. There are no restrictions in moving services to-and-from other telecoms providers, and agreements are in place to facilitate number porting. We are regulated by Ofcom, registered with the ICO for Data Protection, and the Ombudsman Services for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    Being focused solely on helping small businesses means we understand a group of End Users who share a common set of buying principles. Since launching UK-wide in 2014, we set out to do things better than our competitors by keeping things simple and pricing fairly, while ensuring both billing and technical support are fully available 24/7 for 360 days of the year.

    Our European Cruise Incentive is available to authorised Distributors, excluding TIP Tier X, who exceed an Annual Subscription spend of £3000+VAT within 12 calendar months. Please call 0333 45678 20 for further information. T&Cs apply.



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    Hosted in London



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    Thanks again for the years of great service and a rock solid system. I'd have no hesitation recommending you to others. .   

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    Join the Franchise!

    Twenty new Franchisees across the UK could be sharing the same business model and systems. Once available for purchase, it is already operational with dozens of authorised Distributors and hundreds of End Users. Let's not confuse a Franchisee with so-called 'Resellers' though as this isn't a white-label opportunity and unique within the UK. Our Franchisees are 20tele.com, operating within their territory, a fixed geographic location as well as the surrounding areas.  





    Registered at:  3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE. For enquiries please call 02033550247.

    On-site telephone systems are being replaced by future-proof 'cloud-based' Hosted PBX platforms. On-site telephone systems are old fashioned and too expensive. We won't ever sell them to our customers and it's astonishing that many of our competitors are still recommending them to small businesses. Unlike on-site telephone systems, modern Hosted PBX platforms such as TELIPHONES are located in data centres and extremely resilient to ensure 100% uptime for all customers securely sharing the service. TELIPHONES is suitable for small businesses on-the-move wanting a simple divert-to-mobile service, home-workers needing business-grade telephony, as well as meeting on-going challenges of multi-site customers operating in changing environments. TELIPHONES provides our customers with instant access to an impressive list of inclusive features and call quality to the highest standard. It's managed through a web-based portal for real-time management.

    ISDN will be discontinued by 2025 to be replaced by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), so we're delighted to have secured TELIPHONES as a registered trademark. We are putting the IP into telephones, literally. Over half of UK business calls now originate from VoIP rather than from traditional fixed lines such as ISDN. 18.9bn minutes originated from fixed lines and 17.9bn minutes from VoIP in 2015. It's now on-track to carry 22bn minutes in 2017, which demonstrates significant growth to 60% of the market for business calls. It's a huge opportunity with a mandatory technology shift in almost every business.

    ✓   Number Porting from-and-to most telecoms providers in the UK.

    ✓   TELIPHONES EXTENSIONs with a FREE Sangoma S305 VoIP Handset.

    ✓   TELIPHONES ON-A-SIM for integrating with the 2G, 3G, 4G network.

    ✓   TELIPHONES SIM-FREE for connecting with most mobile VoIP apps.

    ✓   Low call rates from just 1p per minute to 01, 02, 03 and UK Mobiles.

    ✓   Unique Dual-VPS Hosted PBX design for 100% uptime assurances.

    ✓   Guarantee of year-on-year reductions for Annual Subscriptions.

    As a Franchisee you are buying the rights to use 20tele.com's business model and systems, with proven pricing, telecoms services, and marketing techniques. You are also buying the rights to our brand: You get full access to new and existing trademarks, including TELIPHONES. To become a Franchisee you will need to pay a monthly Franchise fee and a small percentage of monthly revenue, each will be relative to our current performance.  

    For information on the future availabilty of a preferred geographic location, please join our waiting list. Not all geographic locations are immediately available: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff (unavailable), Dover, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Inverness, Ipswich, Leeds, Liverpool, London (unavailable), Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton, York (unavailable). We are UK only.   

    Parcels to:

    The Gate, Keppoch Street, Cardiff, CF24 3JW, Wales. For enquiries please call 02920002470.

    Blake House, Blake Street, York, YO1 8QH, England.

    0333 45678 20

    For enquiries please call 01904530247.

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    What happens when the End User goes direct to the Managed Service Provider, if not the end of the Value Added Reseller?


    'Hosted PBX'


    More details coming soon. Website being updated from 15/07/2019 to 19/07/2019.

    More details coming soon. Website being updated from 15/07/2019 to 19/07/2019.

    FreePBX for the

    future (not 3CX)

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    are off!

    UK Mobile is

    1p, why not?

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    Backing up

    the backup

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