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Go "Superfast" with a fixed-line connection to the Internet using VDSL technology over the BT Wholesale network. The advancements in both download and upload speeds means Small Businesses can use Broadband Access for VoIP, to access cloud-based systems, share files, and function more efficiently than ever before. Coverage across the UK continues to improve on a daily basis. The key to a good experience is to ensure the underlying service provider monitors and manages performance and prioritisation on the network. We stick to what we know and will only recommend solutions that we believe to be appropriate. For these reasons, we don't get involved in Ethernet Leased Lines, EFM, or EoFTTC unless you have an exceptionally unusual requirement that justified the costs and commitment. Broadband Access is fast enough and stable enough for most business applications, and continuously improving thanks to a shared governement and industry ambition of full-fibre availability in the UK by 2025.

Speeds up to 80/20Mbps including Installation/Activation, Router, Openreach Line Rental, Fixed IP, Unlimited Data Consumption. £0 Setup and £60 Monthly on a 30 Day Term.

Introducing the MP02, built by Swiss firm Punkt. The inclusive SIM card turns the handset into a TELIPHONES ENDPOINT and uses O2 to connect your calls to-and-from FreePBX, which means features like Call Recording and Number Presentation work seamlessly. When you're away from the office and need to get online, the MP02 can tether with tablets and laptops as a WIFI hotspot. It's a stylish, well-crafted handset, focused on simplicity. It's made with long-lasting materials; reinforced with glass-fibre and finished with a tough abrasion-resistant coating, and it's even splashproof to IP52 standard. It has astounding audio quality with noise cancellation, bluetooth, and a powerful loudspeaker, with an intuitive interface for making calls and sending texts. It has an easy-set alarm clock, stopwatch and countdown timer, world clock, basic calendar, notes feature with reminders option, and a calculator. The MP02 feels solid in the hand, it’s well-balanced and designed for one-handed use. The instantly-recognisable MP02 is the work of product designer Jasper Morrison. BlackBerry Secure Protection at both the hardware and software levels protect the MP02 from malicious tampering and make it ideal for business use, no other non-BlackBerry handset has had this before.

£250 One-off with Annual Maintenance for the TELIPHONES ENDPOINT. UK only.

Zulu UC unifies the most popular business communication tools and applications enhancing user productivity and mobility. It's about putting the user at the centre of their workstation with tools built around their need, and so intuitively designed. Simply put, the user will always have the tool they need always available and exactly where they need it to be at the time they need it. Welcome to your new command center for business communication. Zulu UC is great for: Office workers who switch between locations or step away from their desk, Call centers who don’t have desk phones and need to make/receive calls using their headset, All other users who need to stay connected to their office and continue working wherever they are, and Mobile workers who need their extension to follow them. Zulu UC is not just about a softphone, but more about user interaction with features you need, where you need them the most. Zulu UC includes all these advanced features: Click to Call, Presence, File Sharing, SMS & Fax, Chat, and Call Pop. Zulu Desktop - Make and Receive phone calls directly from your laptop or desktop computer. Zulu Mobile (Beta) - Fully integrated with iOS and Android.

Free Trial for the first 2 Users, additional chargeable licences required thereafter.


£100 One-Off then £10 Monthly and 1p per 1MB (Data Consumption). UK only.

Instantly create a fast-and-stable Data SIM connection to the Internet with a choice of 3G or 4G technology over the Three Mobile Network. The included SIM card is assigned with a Static IPv4 address and, unlike most mobile data services, this is uniquely delivered without NAT and no network-throttling based on traffic types. It is compatible with the strict Firewall settings within FreePBX as the assigned Fixed Public IP will be whitelisted as a known Trusted Network. Keep it in a laptop bag and stay connected in any location; you won’t ever have to worry about finding a stable WiFi network. The LAN port flawlessly registers a Sangoma S-Series IP Phone thanks to the VPN client, which seamlessly connects to the built-in VPN servers within FreePBX. If you're looking for a "Fast Start" due to delays to a broadband installation then this solution will provide you with instant access to your phone system. It's unique and it works, and has no performance limitations, while ensuring even areas with poor broadband can benefit from VoIP. Whether it's flexibility or resilience you need, there is currently no better way of ensuring instant remote access to FreePBX, while ensuring the integrity of your FreePBX Firewall settings.

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Designed to work with FreePBX, Sangoma S-Series IP Phones are so smart you can quickly and easily use them right out of the box. Each handset in the series features industry standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no power cable or outlets required. They have full duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet Ports, multi-way conference calling, high definition voice quality and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capable. Sangoma PhoneApps are available on the handset itself, using programmable softkeys with no requirement for additional licenses. Users can control complicated features directly from the handset; there is no need to remember any feature codes. User applications include Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb, Conference Rooms, Call Forwarding, Time Conditions, Presence, Queues and Queue Agents, Transfer to Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, Log In/Out, Call Flow and Contacts. To ensure the security of remote workers connecting to a cloud-based server, Sangoma S-Series IP Phones are designed with VPN clients which seamlessly connect to the built-in VPN servers within FreePBX, providing high-level voice quality and protection without compromising firewall settings.


Sangoma S-Series IP Phones available from £40 plus Delivery.




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